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Kids participating in BEETLES activity at stream

Content vs. Process: A False Dichotomy

March 1, 2016: Tales from the Field

The following is an exchange between a program leader currently using BEETLES Professional Learning Sessions and the BEETLES team. The content vs. process “debate” is one that folks have raised many times in BEETLES institutes over the last four years, and that we hear in many other science education settings. You can bet it will […]

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Tales from the Field: Getting Better at Letting Go

July 5, 2015: Tales from the Field

by Amelia Rosenman The first time I led NSI: Nature Scene Investigators, it was a total flop. We were studying a piece of scat on the trail – which usually is pretty exciting! The students kept looking at me with “Am I doing this right?” expressions on their faces. Some just got bored and literally […]

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