Science and Teaching for Field Instructors

Walk and Talk

Many field instructors have found this simple routine to be transformative for their field experiences with students, because it kicks off discourse so well. It’s easy to lead, and easy to participate in, because it’s primarily one-on-one discussion. While walking from one spot to the next, students discuss prompts and questions in rotating pairs. It helps establish a learning community and a “culture of talk” for your group, in which ideas and observations are discussed and valued by all members. It’s particularly useful at the beginning of a field experience as an invitation to the theme, and then provides a way to reflect back at the end of the experience.

Students will:
  • Discuss various topics and questions with peers.
  • Improve listening skills
  • Use scientific language to exchange ideas.
  • Become more comfortable sharing ideas with the group.
Download Full Instructor Guide:
Walk & Talk Instructor Guide
Walk & Talk Instructor Guide