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BEETLES at California AEOE Statewide Conference

We’re excited to announce that three BEETLES workshops have been accepted to the California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education on April 29th-May 1, 2016 at Camp Hess Kramer, Malibu, CA.

Join us at AEOE to participate in the following BEETLES conference workshops:

Exploratory Investigation

Want your students to design their own “quick and dirty” field science investigations about something that interests them? Come participate in the BEETLES activity “Exploratory Investigation.” Leave ready to lead students through the process of generating testable questions and designing short studies that will help them learn more about the ecosystem they are in, and experience the authentic challenges that are a part of field studies.

Discovery Swap

“I wanna go do this in my yard back home!” – enthusiastic student, after participating in Discovery Swap

Come play with BEETLES staff as we model a flexible activity template you can use to ignite student-centered learning about any aspect of nature. We’ll take you through a process of exploration and discovery, you’ll use resources to deepen your learning in the field, then you’ll share your discoveries with peers. We’ll share tips for how to use this activity with students in the field and empower them as nature explorers.

Phenomena-driven Instruction

Want to design your own engaging, place-based activities? Want students to become engrossed with an intriguing phenomenon at your site? Want it to be student-centered and aligned with the vision of NGSS? We’ll model a step-by-step process to take full advantage of what is available at your site to create exciting learning experiences that immerse students in a part of nature they may have never noticed before.

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