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BEETLES Video Announced As Winner in NSF STEM DIVE Competition

We are excited to announce that our video for the National Science Foundation’s Diversity and Inclusion Video Exhibition (DIVE) Competition has won the Expert’s Choice Award.

Our National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for BEETLES allowed us to share professional learning resources with teams of outdoor science and environmental education leaders and conduct research on how organizations take up improvement efforts. For the first five Leadership Institutes we received funding for, nearly all of the organizational leaders applying in teams were white. So, we invited Emerging Leaders of color to join our institutes as individuals, even if they were not part of a leadership team from an organization. The results have been so incredibly gratifying that we decided to document the program in this short video.

Special thanks to Arvolyn Hill, Aidan Goldie, Rakhi Agrawal, Tyler Gonzales, and Kathryn Quigley for their help in making this video.

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