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BEETLES at ANCA Conference

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be participating once again in the Association of Nature Center Administrator’s (ANCA) Annual Summit, September 19th-23rd, at the Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center in McAllen, TX. More details to come on the ANCA website. 

We will be presenting the following two workshops:

Building Organizational Capacity: (a half-day workshop) Improving organizations is a surprisingly challenging undertaking. Even when we know what we want to be different, it can be immensely difficult to implement the change we seek. This workshop lays out a process for organization leaders who want to get better at getting better by systematically assessing seven research-based organizational capacities for improvement. This interactive workshop will take a deep dive into two of these capacities, Leadership and Equity & Inclusion, and provides an overview of the other five capacities and a process for addressing them. Participants will also take part in small group discussions with peers and leave the workshop with the BEETLES Capacity Building Tool in hand.

Connecting Deeply With Nature Through Science: (90-minute workshop) A scientific mindset is a deep way for learners to develop a life-long relationship with nature. Nature is filled with mysteries, and by focusing in on any part of nature using a well thought out approach of observations, questions and connections, learners can become intrigued. We’ll model an activity that gives learners the opportunity to engage in practices and ways of thinking of science, while becoming deeply engaged with exploring and figuring out an intriguing corner of nature. Once this curiosity is ignited, and they’ve caught “inquiry fever,” they’ll be interested in, and prepared to wonder and explore other parts of nature on their own. This session is based on one of the many free outdoor science resources developed by the BEETLES program at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Come “fall in love” with an intriguing aspect of nature.

Hope to see you there!

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