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2015 Leadership Institutes

Exciting News!

BEETLES is excited to announce that we’ve received funding from the National Science Foundation’s Advancing Informal Science Learning program! Can we get a woo-hoo?!

What this means:

  • We’ll be conducting FIVE free Leadership Institutes over the next three years for 100 outdoor science programs. The first will be held in August 2017. More details and information about the application process will be posted on our website and sent out via our newsletter in November 2016.
  • With the Research Group at the Hall, we’ll be leading a significant parallel research project to examine the role that program characteristics and instructor practices play in youth science learning outcomes in the outdoors. We think the results of this study can fill a gap in the current research supporting outdoor science programs.

We’re thrilled that we get to keep doing this cool work with all of you. Beyond thrilled.

Craig, Kevin, Lynn, Emilie, Jedda and our Research Group partners, Rena, Bernadette, Valeria, and Mac.

5 Responses to “Exciting News!”

Christine KuntzOctober 27th, 2016 at 6:35 pm

I would love to participate in one of your workshops this summer. please send me any information you have available. I am and outreach specialist, teaching teachers how to connect there curriculum with the outdoors. Thanks for your consideration.

Kelley Mullaney-SchlegNovember 7th, 2016 at 3:07 pm

Yeah!! We are just starting an EE Program at our site and am so excited for the opportunity to learn more. Please keep me posted on the training coming in August.

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