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Read the blog posts below to find out what’s new with BEETLES. We regularly feature new resources, promote upcoming events and news, and share “Tales from the Field”–stories of folks like you using BEETLES materials in interesting ways. If you’d like to contribute, just be in touch!

Paige Marley, Jamee Puccio, Camp Tyler Outdoor School

Tale from the Field: After a Leadership Institute

January 15, 2018: Tales from the Field

When Jamee Puccio and Paige Marley returned to their organization after participating in the BEETLES August 2017 Leadership Institute, they got right to work using some of the resources they’d been introduced to. Jamee wrote to us to share her experience and we thought she so perfectly articulated the combination of excitement for improvement and […]

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Tale from the Field: Birding on the Trail

December 2, 2017: Tales from the Field

By Ian Gledhill At Shady Creek Outdoor School, it is not uncommon to have a kid screaming with delight when they identify a bird. Birding is fun because birds are pretty, it’s science, a competition, and just like Pokemon, you gotta catch ‘em all. We teach that birds are nature’s storytellers, and we give kids […]

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News from Our Partners

November 13, 2017: Uncategorized

We can’t help but share the below updates from our partners, collaborators, and friends in environmental literacy: Breakthrough Communities Book Launch and Community Mobilization National Tour Check out praise for Carl Anthony’s new book, The Earth, The City and the Hidden Narrative of Race: Discovering New Foundations for the Great Work of Our Time, from two pretty […]

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kirsten blog post

Repost: One Teacher’s Journey Towards Implementation

September 12, 2017: Tales from the Field

We couldn’t help but share this inspiring story from Kirsten Franklin on the Ten Strands website. Kirsten has worked with several projects at the Lawrence Hall of Science, including BEETLES, BaySci, and our most recent partnership with ChangeScale to create Environmental Literacy Plans with school districts that offer every student cohesive opportunities to learn in […]

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Reviewing Leadership Institute Applications

June 9, 2017: Uncategorized

As many of you know, over the winter we wrapped up the application process for two of our upcoming Leadership Institutes, in August and December 2017. (Applications will open this fall for the next Institute in August 2018!) First, a huge thank you from the entire BEETLES team to each of the many, many program leaders who […]

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A Few of our Favorite Field Guides

May 19, 2017: Featured Resource

Field guides and keys are a useful, student-centered strategy for introducing content to students. Below is a list of field guides we’ve used, we’ve created, or that come highly recommended from partners. Free OnlineFor PurchaseFree Online MacroInvertebrates UW’s Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River UW’s Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the Pond UW’s Wonderful, [...] Read More »

Tales from the Field: Letting the Messy In

April 21, 2017: Tales from the Field

By Claire Maguire (Note from BEETLES: We’re incredibly grateful for the feedback provided to us by SCCOSS Naturalists  and others as we were developing this activity. The story below illustrates some of the potential pitfalls of engaging students in investigations, but also the magic when one can “let the messy in”. It also illustrates the […]

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Kev aeoe

AEOE Opening Remarks: Inspiring the Next Generation

April 21, 2017: Events

For this year’s AEOE, BEETLES Director, Kevin Beals, was invited to share some remarks to kick off the conference. Below is a very slightly edited transcript of his words. Read on to find out how Kevin grew up hating science and how he’s come to believe that science can change the next generation, for good. […]

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backpack line 5

What’s in our Backpack?

April 21, 2017: Featured Resource

What you can do with students outdoors depends a lot on what you carry in your pack. We like students to engage directly with nature as often as possible during outdoor science, so we carry stuff that helps them do that. With this approach, the main equipment is nature itself, so you can travel fairly [...] Read More »

Science Literacy, Civic Engagement, and the Current State of Affairs

January 31, 2017: News

Many of our readers know that science education can play an important role in helping people understand and connect with nature. We, the BEETLES team, also firmly believe that science education is implicitly linked to civic engagement and citizenship. BEETLES activities are designed to support students in developing skills needed to participate in civil discourse, […]

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